ACE Telecom
Enter the WifiZone!
ICT // Strategy, PR, Image Design, Event, Infographics, Infovideo, Social Media


Market introduction of WifiZone, ACE Telecom’s new, startup-like business division and service, which provides integrated and secure wireless network for both B2C and B2B users and partners.


We have mapped out an integrated strategy for B2C and B2B users and partners, combining communication via press, marketing and social media, while creating a different message system and toolkit for each of them. The team has designed an individual image, independent of that of ACE Telecom, yet, resembling it. This image has been used in all elements of communication. Market introduction has been accompanied by active press and social media communication: we have created a separate online map pinning partners and hotspots, and have supported the process of gaining partners with interactive workshops. Related activities: creating a slogan, supporting sales activities, organizing a press event, press materials, infographics, infovideo, compiling users’ manuals and handouts.

Tesco Rubik event solution picture


The number of WifiZone partners began to rise in the month following the introductory press event. 7,000 new members have registered to the network, and the infovideo targeted for them have been watched by more than 10,000 people. Two years after the introduction, the number of users registering to the network has passed 200,000, while the number of partners has risen to more than 50.

Tesco Rubik event result picture