Partner Communication
Partner Communication
Technology // Event, Social Media, Contents, Workshop, Marketing


Planning and realization of partner communication activities, encouraging professional development and business growth of partners effectively.


Business efficiency of OKI is determined by the success of its partners. Therefore, we have created and integrated partner communication toolkit that complements the existing motivational system, encourages sales volumes, and enables active communication. We have combined edification with entertaining, adventurous programs and an informal atmosphere, while making central contents supporting professional development easily understood and processed. Besides these, we have carried out activities encouraging loyalty, like the handling of social media surfaces, preparation of newsletters, creating informative websites and supporting promotions with communication. We have constantly monitored the needs of partners with the help of surveys.

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Due to partner communication, a highly active and convergent nation-wide OKI community, consisting of more than 60 partner members has come to life. OKI maintains direct and valuable relations with members of this community, which supports the constant business growth of partners and, consequently, of OKI effectively.

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