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Rubik Event
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The introduction of Tesco's new loyalty program and related accessory products to the press and partners.


The team has organized a grandiose event for partners, lifestyle journalists and fashion bloggers in one of the most popular clubs of Budapest. The event has strengthened the renewed brand image of Tesco, and has been centered around the Rubik’s cube, celebrating its 40-year anniversary. Visionary elements of the event have been an architectural 3D mapping of the building, cube video mapping, acrobatic dance routine, a Rubik’s cake and a spectacular performance by speed cubers. Guest of honor of the event has been Ernő Rubik, the inventor of the Rubik’s cube.

Tesco Rubik event solution picture


28 journalists have attended the event, resulting in almost 50 press clippings. Tesco has evaluated the loyalty program as highly successful.

Tesco Rubik event result picture