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IGNIS Introduction
Automobile Industry // Test Driving, Mood Film, Panorama Screening, Press Communication, Influencer Communication


The main goal has been to project the urban, youthful and breezy lifestyle that the personality of the new Suzuki IGNIS represents. Our aim has been to position the new model as the emblematic representative of the brand; a model that, while being equipped with the newest technologies, also bears the Suzuki traditions.


The new Suzuki IGNIS has been introduced to the press within the confines of a multi-venue experience program. Our team has grabbed the model out of the traditional showroom surroundings, and has provided extraordinary experiences besides test driving, focusing on the advantages and outstanding characteristics of the car. We have based the theme of the event on the carnival season, the event being in February, drawing parallel between rebirth and diversity represented by the masquerade and the renewed IGNIS. The introduction has taken place in the iconic set of the Korda Movie Studio, showcasing artists in Venetian masks, showmen on stilts, an improvisational performance with scenic panorama screening and delicious street food. Our goal with this cheerful event full of surprises has been to establish an emotional bond in the journalists towards the new Suzuki IGNIS, besides introducing its functions. We have also deemed it important to make the Suzuki brand and the new and lively IGNIS known among the younger target groups with the help of bloggers and vloggers.

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The event has been attended by 40 specialized automobile journalists, amended by bloggers and vloggers interested in the topic. These entertaining programs and special venues have contributed to the accentuation of the model’s personality. The press introduction has resulted more than 60 clippings. Videos made by the 4 vloggers attending the event have been viewed by more than 250 thousand people.