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Preparing infographics to support the communication of Tesco.


We find it important to support communication with visuals. Therefore, we create infographics visualizing the most important topics of Tesco. Among the more than 20 infographics and micrographics created so far there have been pieces dealing with the Christmas fundraising or the “You choose – we help” campaign, but we use graphic solutions also in product communication. One of these infographics was about the journey of wine grapes from the fields to the wine shelves, others showcased statistics concerning Tesco Online Shopping, or sales of watermelons. According to feedback from journalists, these infographics help them understand the topics in question, and are also highly useful as illustrations to the articles published based on our press releases.

Tesco Rubik event solution picture


Our infographics have gained huge popularity in Central-Europe; as a result we have been creating visuals for international platforms since 2015, dealing with important topics such as Europe-wide Christmas food fundraisings.

Tesco Rubik event result picture