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Harmony press event
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Making Mondelez’s sustainable heat cultivation practice, the so-called Harmony program widely visible, emphasizing the milestone achieved in domestic and European production.


We presented the company's sustainable wheat cultivation program built around the achievement of the program's domestic milestone (by the end of 2022, Mondelez's Hungarian-made biscuits, such as Győri Édes products, will be made from 100 percent sustainable wheat). To announce the milestone, we organized a press event to which we invited representatives of the most important economic, agricultural and lifestyle media, as well as influencers dealing with sustainability and gastro topics. For the event, we designed and produced an exhibition presenting the details and results of the Harmony program, as well as the thousand years of wheat cultivation. Our design team created the presentations shared by the speakers, as well as the press walls used as a background for the event's photo points. At the venue of the event, the menu and the decoration evoked wheat fields and a sustainable lifestyle. After the event, the most important information was communicated in a specialized versions of the press release for the lifestyle, economic and agricultural press. As a result of it, more than 20 publications were published, MTI announced the news, and it also appeared in influential media such as Origo, HVG, and Világgazdaság.

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More than 20 press appearances on key economic, agricultural and lifestyle platforms.

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