recruitment campaign
GE Gas Power
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Our objective for the GE Gas Power project was to develop a captivating recruitment campaign that would attract attention with its visuals and message. The campaign needed to engage coworkers and effectively communicate the company's messages while supporting our client's newly improved hiring process. The digital campaign aimed to target manual blue-collar workers, specifically those interested in welding, CNC machine operation, and mechanical assembly roles, while also increasing employee engagement.


The recruitment campaign began with a persona research phase to shape the concept and communication tools. Through research, colleague interviews, and past recruitment experience, we pinpointed the target group and collected campaign insights. It was revealed through our findings that blue-collar colleagues strongly appreciate their work and find pleasure in watching action movies. Taking this into consideration, we developed a recruitment campaign that channels the action film genre, featuring colleagues as the stars and capturing the essence of cinema. The main standout of the campaign was a short film that resembled an action movie trailer. The film showcased our GE Gas Power colleagues, and we tailored separate versions for the three key positions we were hiring for. A dedicated career page was developed to aid in recruitment efforts, reflecting the film's concept and featuring the company's values and the positions available. Moreover, we crafted diverse digital assets, such as Facebook and Instagram graphics, GIFs, and stickers. These assets played a crucial role in advertising the campaign to our specific audience. Our approach to engaging colleagues included billboards around the factory, posters, and a Hollywood menu featuring popular movie dishes in the canteen.

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In a span of six months, the ads reached an audience of over 500,000 people. In addition, the campaign's website had nearly 40,000 visits, and over 500 job applications were submitted through the site. More than 33,000 views were recorded on the company's YouTube channel for the short film and its multiple versions. The campaign generated positive feedback from colleagues who shared it with their friends and coworkers, resulting in recognition for the company.

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