PR-driven integrated campaign
Name change and Ideal Day event
FMCG sector // PR, Press Communication, Contents


Announcing the name change of the brand that became known as Turbo Diet, increasing its awareness, and addressing new, potential customers.


To promote the new brand name Idealbody and the philosophy of the brand, we thought about an integrated campaign, which we built around the „ideal”. What is ideal? It means different for everyone. The most important messages of the brand were formulated in press releases prepared for and in paid media collaborations with the lifestyle and business media. We connected the announcement with the brand’s 1st Ideal Day, where involving five experts from various profession were seeking the answer how we can achieve the „ideal” body shape. We broadcasted the event live on the brand’s own YouTube channel. We supported the Ideal Day event and raising awareness of the new brand name with a media campaign. We created content for both lifestyle, news and economic platforms.

Tesco Rubik event solution picture


In the media campaign, we generated a total of more than 18,000 PVs and nearly 1,4 million AVs for our topics.

Tesco Rubik event result picture