CSR campaign
Joy of giving
Retail // PR, Influencer Communication, Press Release, CSR, Internal Communication, Campaign planning


Creating a CSR communication plan for Tesco’s campaign of collecting sustainable food, for four Middle-European countries & for Hungary as well.


We composed a plan that contained a campaign of food donation with local food banks, and external, internal and social media communication elements for the Czech, Polish, Hungarian and Slovakian Tesco. We supported the success of the donation with not only classic PR tools, but also with influencer cooperations and a teaser campaign. There were six gastro-bloggers who encouraged their viewers to donate sustainable food by creating recipes that can be cooked using these kind of materials. There were also lifestyle influencers involved: They were asked to promote the campaign with Christmas hats, which could be bought to support the food banks. Related activities: creating the design and handling the production of gift cards for the teaser packages.

Tesco Rubik event solution picture


At the beginning and the evaluation period, 31 clippings have been created, many of them were in the rural print media – which is extremely important for the client. The influencer campaign granted 30 additional clippings, and the posts about food donation reached more than 120.000 people on the main social media pages of Tesco.

Tesco Rubik event result picture