PR driven integrated campaign
Magyar Gyógyszer Védjegy
Pharmaceutical industry // Strategy, PR, Social Media, Microsite, Press Communication, Contents, Website, Online Marketing


The aim of the campaign is to introduce the Hungarian Medicines Trademark created by the National Association of Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to the lay target group, address new target groups, shape attitudes, and promote the products of pharmaceutical companies that invest in and employ people in our country.


In order to promote the Hungarian Medicines Trademark and trademark users, we focused on the values of Hungarian medicine in the integrated, three-month campaign. On the new microsite, social media, YouTube, and with the help of press communication, we highlighted the centuries-old traditions of Hungarian medicine, expertise, reliability, and efficiency, supported by national economic and historical data. On the microsite and Facebook, we have displayed educational content that helps to provide authentic information among medicine buyers. Due to the strict regulations typical of the sector, we did not focus on products, but on general education. We also supported the campaign with advertisements on social media, online platforms and in the press.

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The microsite has become an authentic reference point among health-related online interfaces. Already in the first month, it had more than 35,000 visitors. By the end of the third month, the new Facebook page had nearly 1,300 followers, we achieved high engagement (a100,000 on average) and reach (65,000 on average) numbers with the posts, and the number of clicks increased continuously. Thanks to the advertising strategy, the posts reached an average of 800,000 people. The press release closed with 140 organic appearances on 1 news agency, 42 national and 97 regional platforms. Out of the publications, 130 were online, 6 print and 3 electronic. A total of 22 paid advertisements appeared in the press on lifestyle and news sites, as well as in regional newspapers.

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