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What's up, Suzuki?
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Magyar Suzuki wanted an internal communication activity that would, on the one hand, inform the employees of the Esztergom plant and the Budaörs branch about its current events. It also strengthens employees' commitment to the company, team cohesion, and a sense of belonging. Thousands of people work in the factory, including foreigners - different personalities, mentalities, and cultures meet daily. However, the goal is always to serve customers' needs with quality and safe products. Magyar Suzuki maintains its stable economic role in Hungary and within the Suzuki Group.


Launched in 2016, What's up, Suzuki? The internal newspaper is published in thousands of copies on 16 or 20 pages 3-4 times a year. The content is about the life and important events of the Esztergom factory. We conducted interviews with the managers and employees of the manufacturing company and presented the developments and novelties that contribute to Magyar Suzuki's competitiveness. We regularly report on Suzuki's internal and external corporate activities with behind-the-scenes information. We think about content that helps cooperation between teams by allowing insight into each team's everyday life and operations. In each issue, we include professional and magazine content, quizzes, and crossword puzzles. Suzuki prizes can be obtained on these, positioning Magyar Suzuki among the employees. The contents must be understandable and exciting for everyone in their language.

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What's up, Suzuki? became a popular reference point in the life of the Esztergom factory, whose content is now supplemented by the Suzuki App, another important internal communication tool of Magyar Suzuki.

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