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MAGYOSZ Hungarian Medicines Trademark
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Introducing the Hungarian Medicines Trademark established by the National Association of Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (MAGYOSZ) to the lay target group, addressing new target groups, shaping attitudes, and promoting the products of pharmaceutical factories investing in and employing people in our country with the help of press communication.


In the first month of the three-month integrated campaign, under the auspices of the National Association of Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (MAGYOSZ), we issued a press release about the trademark, its terms of use, trademark users, and the centuries-old achievements and economic significance of the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry, as well as the reliability and effectiveness of domestic products.

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The press release closed with a total of 140 organic appearances on 1 news agency, 42 national and 97 regional platforms. Out of the publications, 130 were online, 6 in print and 3 electronic. In addition to the national media with the largest reach, including business, news, health and lifestyle sites, the most read regional dailies also covered the topic, and several online media with a national reach requested individual interviews with MAGYOSZ speakers.

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