Integrated Campaign with a PR Focus
Richter Gedeon
Stick to it!
Pharmaceutical Industry // PR, Social Media, Microsite, Expert Communication, Online Marketing, Guerilla Activity, Viral Video, Blogger Collaboration, Billboard Campaign


Making the gynecological education activity of Richter Gedeon Nyrt. stand out of the media noise by creating a campaign with topics and an image that is lovable and awareness-raising for the younger generation. It has also been important that the campaign suited the values and social responsibility efforts of Richter.


During the campaign we have raised attention to the importance of long-term relationships. Our goal with the positive messages and with every element of the image and the diverse toolkit has been to make long-term relationships sexy. Central elements of the campaign have been the Facebook page (Ragaszkodj hozzá!), a microsite and the NoStory blog. The blog has consisted of educational contents and an online survey about what Hungarians living in a long-term relationship think about sexuality and planned parenthood, as well as a test preparing users for a medical consultation, serving as a thought-provoking guide. This has helped women to decide what to reveal about themselves and their lifestyle, and what are the things they should ask during a visit at the gynecologist to pick a contraception method that is the most suitable for them. During the campaign we have shot a viral video about attachment to each other under the title Unmatched Experiences. Our team has also organized some guerilla activity, serving as a spectacular urban photo op at the International Kiss Day. We have made press relations more interesting by complementing traditional press releases and PR articles by survey data, expert interviews and interesting infographics. Additional campaign elements have been a nation-wide billboard campaign, advertisements, social media activity (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), sweepstakes, online marketing tools, blogger collaborations and involvement of brand ambassadors.

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During the almost six-month campaign period we have managed to build a 10,000 strong active Facebook base. More than 55,800 unique visitors have clicked on the Remain Attached website. The online survey has been filled out by more than 6,200 people, while the consultation test has attracted 5,000 respondents. The viral video has reached 200,000 views. Our team has generated 130 press articles in an ad value of more than 23 million HUF. The morpho team has won a bronze on the 2016 Kreatív Prizma awards in the category of Integrated Campaign with a PR Focus.

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