CSR Campaign
Perfectly Imperfect
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A “social integration” campaign at the fruit and vegetable departments of Czech, Polish, Hungarian and Slovakian Tesco stores. The goal of our team was to create a CSR communication plan that convinces customers that a crooked carrot is nice, a misshapen potato is delicious and an apple with flawed skin is healthy. Moreover, buying these is an environmental friendly decision.


We have prepared a communication plan for four countries of Tesco Europe, supporting the introduction of the “Perfectly Imperfect” fruit and vegetable selection. The program started as a test, with an aim to reduce food waste on the supplier side: Tesco accepts aesthetically imperfect vegetables and fruits from its suppliers, so that they get rid of less, plus, this way customers are able to buy good quality food with only a few minor exterior flaws for less money. This way they can also protect the environment. We have designed funny micrographics complementing the press release about the beginning of the test period and Hungarian availability. On our press event, we prepared dishes using “ugly” vegetables and fruits for the journalists, and discussed possibilities of a big company for preventing and reducing food waste. Our gastroblogger partners have proven that soups can, indeed, be delicious using crooked carrots, pastries made of tiny apples with flawed skin are equally mouthwatering, and misshapen potatoes can also be perfect for jam-filled dumplings or potato roses.

Tesco Rubik event solution picture


29 articles have been published about the topic, 3 of them in key nationwide online lifestyle magazines. During our blogger co-operation we had 3 blogger and 1 YouTuber partners, who have published 32 blog, vlog, Facebook and Instagram posts altogether with recipes. Blog and vlog posts have been viewed by more than 43 thousand people, while reach value of Facebook posts have been more than 25 thousand.

Tesco Rubik event result picture