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Tesco Otthon Christmas campaign
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Promotion of Tesco's online shopping services in the run-up to Christmas (November-December 2022) by emphasizing different shopping options (same-day delivery, pick&collect, Tesco Online Club, etc.) and brand messages (you can do your shopping anywhere, anytime using a simple and convenient mobile application, save time, money and energy, etc.).


Since the media noise during the planned campaign period is even greater than usual, we chose a more creative approach instead of PR articles emphasizing and centering the campaign's messages and a display campaign. We worked with two media partners (Femcafé and, and when choosing both, our aim was to reach the target group as widely as possible. We created a PR article in cooperation with Femcafé. Adapted to the style and language of the page, it showed the different service options hidden among Christmas shopping tips, and we also displayed them in the site's Christmas calendar. On, readers can find out what type of shopping they belong to by filling out a funny quiz, and they can see different options from Tesco Otthon based on their descriptions.

Tesco Rubik event solution picture


The PR article, the Christmas calendar appearances, and the text in which the quiz was embedded reached more than 2.5 million AVs, and the quiz was completed by more than 2,700 people.

Tesco Rubik event result picture