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Accell Hunland
20 years event
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Organization of a press event for the Accell Hunland bicycle manufacturer, including a factory visit, an exhibition of models from the past 20 years, and the opportunity to test bicycles. The fact that the first bicycle was made 20 years ago made the event appropriate. The significant milestone provided an opportunity to build a personal and long-term relationship with journalists.


We organized a program based on interactive experiences that provided an insight into the development and vision of the company over the past 20 years. At the venue of the event, guests could see the company's milestones on a 30-meter-long timeline, which was connected to an exhibition of iconic models of the past two decades. And we presented the company's most important production and employment data on molinos as well. After the factory visit, anyone could try Accell Hunland's legendary bicycles. Connecting activities: press release, press background material, timeline, design of infographics (for molinos, magnetic board, roll-ups), magnetic knowledge test to illustrate the assembly of the bicycle, organization of press interviews.

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The most important economic, technological, automotive, lifestyle media and news sites were represented at the jubilee event taking place in the countryside. There was also live television interview from the location of the event, and press interviews were also conducted with representatives from several areas of the company. Within two weeks of the event, 30 online, TV and radio appearances, as well as 3 social media appearances were made.

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