Expert positioning
Expert positioning
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The positioning of the American cyber defense company BlueVoyant in the domestic market as an industry-leading cyber security provider. Expert positioning of the company's four managers, continuous support of specialist communication, building long-term press relations, and winning the industry and technology media, attracting the interest of business and news portals in the company's topics.


The focus of our strategy was to show the actuality and importance of the topic to the target group through real stories and practical knowledge materials. That's why we made cyber protection tangible with expert topic generation and diverse, organic press communication tools, which now affect all decision-makers and companies, regardless of company size and industry. As a first step, we introduced BlueVoyant's experts and the company to the Hungarian press at a press breakfast covering market and industry trends. After the event, we prepared expert materials and articles responding to current, wide-ranging cyber security challenges based on BlueVoyant's research and international trends. In educational articles, we presented, for example, the novelties of cyber protection regulations and the most common cyber attacks and their prevention methods. We organized interviews for the company's domestic and international managers in critical domestic media such as Forbes, HVG, and Portfolio. With regular expert comments, we helped/help the work of journalists regarding domestic and international cyber security incidents.

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BlueVoyant is now known by the professional, economic, and trade press; journalists regularly request and count on the expert opinion of managers. Proactive press interest in the company has increased, and the company is referred to as a leading expert in cyber defense about emerging cyberdefense topics.

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