Social rumor
Even trams are available on Vatera. What would you use them for?
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.Promoting the auction of Ganz trams as part of a rollout by BKV Zrt. to raise brand awareness and increase interest in online auctions, especially for younger age groups.


We started a social discussion: through a light-hearted press release, on Vatera's own online platforms – website, blog and Facebook page – and with the cooperation of bloggers, we asked people what they would use a tram for. An essential part of the interactive communication was one of the brand's most important messages: "What you cannot find on Vatera, does not exist at all".

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Thanks to social brainstorming, suggestions on how to reuse a tram came in as comments that spread like a virus in the online press and social media. A total of 740,789 unique visitors viewed the page of the offer and almost 120 questions were sent to BKV Zrt. As a result of the announcement, 81 articles and reports were produced in online and offline media, and many radio stations and television news talked about it as well. The ad value of this amount of media presence is worth 28.5 million HUF.

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